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Welcome to my Blogging World!

Need a little color in your life?  I'm Beth, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm an Oklahoma
City based photographer and travel all over to shoot.  I'm also a mom of two crazy boys, love to travel, run, drink wine, get lost in music, dance, and talk to strangers!  I use only available light, shoot on-location,
and 90% of my work is with kids. My JOB is to make art and
meet amazingly unique people. 

My sole purpose is for my images to say, 'WOW'.  I want images that make you feel!  I love a life of color coupled with whimsical modernism and work hard to show that off in my photography.  Life will
be different tomorrow so make sure and remember today :) Best ~B 

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TGIF, MOTHER HUGGERS (Miami Newborn Photography)

kidding, it’s not Friday, but tomorrow marks our independence day (I always think of Destiny’s Child song, “all the women who independent throw your hands up at me…so i guess it’s about women, not our country today) Anyway, it’s kinda like a friday b/c tomorrow is a holiday.

So, I was asked last week ‘if i was still in business?’. that question was embarrassing but I understand the inclination to question since i’ve been selfish and haven’t been posting (except for FB…. and b/c i’m really bad at running a business in general i don’t even have a business page, i just lump everything together on my normal profile page and figure the world will somehow hack in and see what I’m up to). In case you’re not my friend on FB my weeks typically go like this – yoga, coffee, pictures, diet coke, skittles, hummus, pinterest, fb, instagram, being a taxi driver, being distracted, decorating, proofing, pinot or sauv blanc and bed. it’s a crazy amazing life i lead. ok so anyway, here is this absolute gem of a baby. I flew to Miami to shoot her. those trips always are a bit life changing for me… i get so inspired by the travel and meeting new people and seeing old friends and then there’s the ocean, holy crap…. when you grow up in NE or OK you’re not used to being spoiled with ‘views’ and despite my semi-opaque skin i’ve always been drawn to water over mountains. pretty sure i was a mountain goat (technical term?) in a past life and died falling off a cliff or something. it’s cold and hard to breathe up in the mountains (and watch out, the wine will get ya!). the ocean is where i need to be. For now, i’ll be content in Oklahoma City, OK… if you haven’t seen red dirt, you are missing out!

here she is…
i will try to post more. I PROMISE


it’s been a minute, i’m absent here b/c everything has been going on FB, i’m going to attempt both :) sweetest twins ever.

Soft Side..(Oklahoma City Children Photography)

Photo of the Day (Oklahoma City Newborn Photography)

Isabel Jane, born 10/15 – MY NIECE. She’s pretty gorgeous if i do say so myself. Met her this weekend in Omaha. We ALL couldn’t be more in love :)

man this was fun…

this was entirely their idea and i’m still so giddy about it. so funny. of course the dry humor in Napoleon Dynamite is right up my alley and my little Ewan.. well, he NAILED that character. Such good friends, such good times.
And of course, my little god-son Stone, as a chicken. Napoleon worked at a chicken farm ya know… :)

and in typical BJ fashion i forgot my camera once the full group was there. thank goodness for i phones.
We have Napoleon as Ewan, Pedro as Wes, Uncle Rico, Deb and Summer. If you haven’t seen the movie you should.

Be still my heart (Oklahoma City baby photography)

TGIF MOTHER HUGGERS (Oklahoma City Baby Photography)

adore these two… in love <3

I could eat fall like Skittles… (oklahoma city senior photography)

photo of the day mother huggers

Its just that… i got overwhelmed…

well, i don’t have any good excuse, no huge moment of crisis or life changing event… i just haven’t blogged. I think i’ve spent more time on FB, and when i get hooked on something it’s hard for me to share attention. but my blog has received so little attention it tried to break up with me. Fact is, there are more people that check my blog than are friends with me on FB, so i must work towards this marriage and keep it alive (and the alimony isn’t exactly promising). Plus i haven’t written in a while and miss the opportunity for run on sentences and long meaningless tangents.

The summer was different, i was a little slower than normal and i spent more time with the boys. When I’m glued to my desk i blog more – but since my husband started his medical practice i think i threw the glue away for a while. No worries, it’s fall, which means i’ll be working my ASS off.

I was complaining about summer weight gain the other day and a friend said, ‘just stop eating skittles and drinking diet coke and you’ll lose 5 pounds in two weeks!’ I’d rather shave my head and wear black all day. Those 5lbs would think i was a total traitor. so i’m relying on the craze of fall to assist in the burning of calories. aaaahhh… who cares anyway, there’s always photoshop ;)

SO pictures, yea… that’s what i do.. here are a few…

AND another little dude…

And ANOTHER little dude..

And that’s enough for the hour.. but a few of my nuggets and our beloved GSD.. RIP, Kahlua! That was a hard loss…

I’m back.. i promise..

Photo of the Day… (oklahoma city baby photography)

First shot i took when this handsome little devil was set down in my studio…