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Mini Fashion Post

Well HELLO. haven’t posted about shoes in a while so here goes…
I went to California in early June and hooked up with my friend Stacey in San Francisco. We had a girl day of shopping, eating, sipping on wine… and SHOOTING.. she was kind enough to snap some shots of me and this is one of them. I have some professional stuff coming up that required new ‘shots’ of me … so not sure this is professional LOOKING but it’s me. I sware to you, this is how i dress. if you see me in all black it hasn’t been a good day. ;)
OH! Almost forgot, so my sister-in-law Barbara (who also manages everything here in the mecca of BJ PHOTO) has started a new fashion blog. It’s pretty awesome and she’d disgustingly perfectly gorgeous. take a view :) It’s kind of awesome b/c we really do have similar tastes in clothes…we’ve often bought several of the same items. Her husband is a little worried about keeping up with the financial burden of a fashion blog and her reply was ‘well, i have beth’s closet too!’ Heck yes she does. Check it – SUNKISSEDSTYLE.COM

SHOES are Brian Atwood Calf Hair FUSCIA PUMPS… love them. hard not to get a little attention from these bad boys!

and this was taken yesterday bf i went to a luncheon. Blazer is from CHINA, picked it up when i was there in the spring. I hadn’t worn it until yesterday, mainly b/c i didn’t want to come back from China and scream, “don’t i look so cool in my new china outfit?” But i think this jacket is bad ass… really.. and so full of color.
Pants are J Crew
Sunglasses and Purse are Gucci
Shoes are Valentino… one of my first gems to my collection. They are so classic.. paired with a not so classic outfit.
Be Coloful! Off to edit…. (in a robe and i have a zit the size of Texas – i’ll spare you that picture).

June 22, 2012 - 1:30 pm Erin - How cute are you? On a scale of 1 to 10? I'd say a 27. You are doing Mr. Atwood and Mr. Valentino very proud, Mrs. Jansen!

July 16, 2012 - 9:32 pm Cara Loren - Loving those red shoes!

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