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Welcome to my Blogging World!

Need a little color in your life?  I'm Beth, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm an Oklahoma
City based photographer and travel all over to shoot.  I'm also a mom of two crazy boys, love to travel, run, drink wine, get lost in music, dance, and talk to strangers!  I use only available light, shoot on-location,
and 90% of my work is with kids. My JOB is to make art and
meet amazingly unique people. 

My sole purpose is for my images to say, 'WOW'.  I want images that make you feel!  I love a life of color coupled with whimsical modernism and work hard to show that off in my photography.  Life will
be different tomorrow so make sure and remember today :) Best ~B 

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Photo of the day (Oklahoma City Children’s Photography)

can you get any more gorgeous?

Mini Fashion Post

Well HELLO. haven’t posted about shoes in a while so here goes…
I went to California in early June and hooked up with my friend Stacey in San Francisco. We had a girl day of shopping, eating, sipping on wine… and SHOOTING.. she was kind enough to snap some shots of me and this is one of them. I have some professional stuff coming up that required new ‘shots’ of me … so not sure this is professional LOOKING but it’s me. I sware to you, this is how i dress. if you see me in all black it hasn’t been a good day. ;)
OH! Almost forgot, so my sister-in-law Barbara (who also manages everything here in the mecca of BJ PHOTO) has started a new fashion blog. It’s pretty awesome and she’d disgustingly perfectly gorgeous. take a view :) It’s kind of awesome b/c we really do have similar tastes in clothes…we’ve often bought several of the same items. Her husband is a little worried about keeping up with the financial burden of a fashion blog and her reply was ‘well, i have beth’s closet too!’ Heck yes she does. Check it – SUNKISSEDSTYLE.COM

SHOES are Brian Atwood Calf Hair FUSCIA PUMPS… love them. hard not to get a little attention from these bad boys!

and this was taken yesterday bf i went to a luncheon. Blazer is from CHINA, picked it up when i was there in the spring. I hadn’t worn it until yesterday, mainly b/c i didn’t want to come back from China and scream, “don’t i look so cool in my new china outfit?” But i think this jacket is bad ass… really.. and so full of color.
Pants are J Crew
Sunglasses and Purse are Gucci
Shoes are Valentino… one of my first gems to my collection. They are so classic.. paired with a not so classic outfit.
Be Coloful! Off to edit…. (in a robe and i have a zit the size of Texas – i’ll spare you that picture).

Photo of the Day (Oklahoma City Newborn Photography)

I had an insane amount of newborns last week. Went out with a bang ;)

Photo of the Day (Oklahoma City Newborn Photography)

my good photography friends Kelley Ryden and Tracy Raver were asked on the Today Show if they had a favorite newborn session. Their answer was ‘our favorite is always the last one we did.’ Feel that way today :) I ADORE this shot… everything I love, beautiful light, an exquisite piece of furniture/art and a gorgeous sleeping newborn. SO blessed.

Photo of the Day (Oklahoma City Newborn Photography)

little guy from yesterday…

photo of the week (Oklahoma City Newborn Photography)

well, i’ve been here, there, everywhere & get a big fat F for my attention to the blog. …. it’s going to be insane week with 3 more newborns on the books for M-W!!! YOWZERS! Btwn hot yoga and hot newborn sessions i’ll be a good investor for Gatoraide ;)

and i RARELY do this but i think i like the b&w version almost as much…

TGIF mother huggers (Oklahoma City Baby Photography)

why i work…

Another year…

just had to repeat this shot as it’s one of my newborn faves… crazy :)

The house the studio…the life…

Well, we’ve been working on my studio space and house for a while now… so I thought I’d update everyone on progress. We live on a busy intersection and the house gets a small amount of attention, so I’ll explain a bit. Pretty sure it’s the love of my life (the inanimate love of my life, my dear). So in case you were wondering, I’m a photographer by trade… and well, the rest of me is an expulsion of anything else i can add color & design to. I design my own interior spaces and I’m NOT saying I’m good at it or that the spaces make sense, or that I follow any sort of design principle or that they won’t make you squint or say ‘this gives me a headache’, but like i’ve said a bazillion times…I LIKE A SPACE THAT MAKES YOU FEEL. I don’t believe in any attempt to be classic. I’m not married to anything (inanimate) and I don’t care if something goes out of style in a few years..or weeks, or if it was ever in style. To me, there is no point to feeling neutral. If we didn’t have highs and lows life would be way too redundant and redundancy is for the fearful.

I don’t know what you want to label me as, contemporary, eclectic, bohemian chic, crazy, self-absorbed (maybe) … who knows, who cares, its me, through and through! So here is my studio and the spaces that surround. We are basically building a glass house, which is funny b/c i’m scared of the dark (b/c there are no colors at dark). FACE YOUR FEARS and live a little ;)

To me the house is very masculine on the outside and feminine on the inside, which would be quite the opposite to the essence of my being. But i like the element of organic modernism on the exterior and whimsical eye candy on the interior (the colorful kind of candy of course.. not like chocolate candy.. i REALLY love chocolate but it makes me fat and it doesn’t decorate well).

And some other spaces in and among our acre.

And what’s left to be completed…
the side view

the inside/backyard/coutryard view (the house is built in a ‘U’.

the front

And what will be my favorite space in the entire house is the 70s style custom PIT that we added. it will be full of 4 inch shag and good coversation. come over and share a toddy!

CANNOT WAIT till i can decorate this SOB.

Photo of the Day (Oklahoma City Baby Photography)

If this is what they mean when they say ‘baby blues’, sign me up!! GAH, she’s a beauty.