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TGIF, MOTHER HUGGERS (Miami Newborn Photography)

kidding, it’s not Friday, but tomorrow marks our independence day (I always think of Destiny’s Child song, “all the women who independent throw your hands up at me…so i guess it’s about women, not our country today) Anyway, it’s kinda like a friday b/c tomorrow is a holiday.

So, I was asked last week ‘if i was still in business?’. that question was embarrassing but I understand the inclination to question since i’ve been selfish and haven’t been posting (except for FB…. and b/c i’m really bad at running a business in general i don’t even have a business page, i just lump everything together on my normal profile page and figure the world will somehow hack in and see what I’m up to). In case you’re not my friend on FB my weeks typically go like this – yoga, coffee, pictures, diet coke, skittles, hummus, pinterest, fb, instagram, being a taxi driver, being distracted, decorating, proofing, pinot or sauv blanc and bed. it’s a crazy amazing life i lead. ok so anyway, here is this absolute gem of a baby. I flew to Miami to shoot her. those trips always are a bit life changing for me… i get so inspired by the travel and meeting new people and seeing old friends and then there’s the ocean, holy crap…. when you grow up in NE or OK you’re not used to being spoiled with ‘views’ and despite my semi-opaque skin i’ve always been drawn to water over mountains. pretty sure i was a mountain goat (technical term?) in a past life and died falling off a cliff or something. it’s cold and hard to breathe up in the mountains (and watch out, the wine will get ya!). the ocean is where i need to be. For now, i’ll be content in Oklahoma City, OK… if you haven’t seen red dirt, you are missing out!

here she is…
i will try to post more. I PROMISE

July 12, 2013 - 2:34 pm keri - are you kidding me??! this is enough to make me wanna get pregnant and move to Miami if I can get some photos like this! so so beautiful. Time to move on over and like you on FB I guess to see more of your insane work. LOVE the daily schedule. Glad I am not the only sugar addict out there! :) An east coast Fan

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